The Dish: Liquid Courage

Ramen at Shoku Ramen-ya

Real ramen — an artful, authentic Japanese delight, not a noodle brick in a plastic package — arrived in Las Vegas when Chinatown’s splendid Monta opened almost three years ago. Since then, we’ve enjoyed a bit of a ramen boom, and the most recently opened, utterly delicious ramen house, Shoku, comes from the team behind the popular Bachi Burger. Unlike Bachi’s fusiony approach, it’s back to the pure basics at Shoku, which translates into clean, luxurious broth, slurpable noodles and perfect toppings to add some sparkle to your face. Stick to the lighter side with shoyu (soy) or spicy miso broth, or pig out with the buta-san ramen, tonkotsu (pork) broth layered with noodles, three kinds
of pork, green onions, tender bamboo shoots and black garlic oil. When you want to be warm and full for several days, Shoku’s your spot. (470 E. Windmill Lane #110, 897-0978)

~ Brock Radke, Desert Companion, February 2013

~ Photography by Sabin Orr